Day 19.

Well, it’s official, I am now living at the farmhouse full time!!  What a weekend.  But, the dogs and I are officially moved in!

Heads up…mushy thanks and gratitude alert ahead!

I want to thank everyone who has been there and helped me through this move and transition in my life.  Lots of you, I won’t mention by name…because let’s be honest, I’m pretty sure you don’t want all your business out there like that. But you KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!  There have been hours of cleaning, moving, listening to my panick attacks…every bit of it that I can NEVER repay you for.  You are the best examples of what a friend can be to someone and I am so lucky, blessed, and thankful for each and every one of you…near and far from me, that are behind me every step of the way!

One last mushy moment.

Thanks Mom and Dad and Bro.  My family gave up most of their Friday and mowed and weedwhacked the entire place.  With that and the help moving and the listening…the Bro reminding me to have a “Cry-Free” day…daily…every second of this journey, couldn’t do it without you!  Talk about a legacy, I have the best legacy when it comes to my family!  LOVE THEM!

First mow!
First mow!

So, with that being said, the first home renovation project is also officially complete.

I now have a new shiny showerhead, that works MUCH better than the crusty, mineral filled old one.

Not to mention, the washer and dryer are hooked up, thanks to my very dedicated Daddy-O!  So, a little more unpacking and organizing…and paint colors and scraping will commence.

Which leads me to my next question.  I normally like to explore new colors immediately, would it be bad to repeat colors that I really liked from my old house?  I’m already having a tough time leaving that cute little house and I’m thinking that if I repeat colors, it might make it even stranger to leave the house…


Is the honeymoon over already???

So, this weekend, some friends stopped by to see the house.  One of them asked me a very interesting question.

What drew you to the house?

Ok, that’s easy.  Right?!?!?!

Well, I drew a complete blank.  Call it long days that are rolling into long weeks.  Call it exhaustion.  Call whatever you will, but I sat at the kitchen table and for the life of me couldn’t think of what made me want to get the house.

That’s a problem.  The honeymoon can’t be over already??  I mean, all I have done so far is cleaned and packed and moved…rinse and repeat.  How can I be tired of this project already?

Then I remembered.  The potential.  My brother calls me ambitious.  I say I am crazy.  It’s guarded enthusiasm with a twist of hope to win the lottery.  But, there is potential.  So much of it.  Everywhere I look in the house, I just want to patch, paint, kill bees, scrub, scrape and refresh every surface, inside and out.  I truly believe that over time, this house will stand to be a legacy for generations to come and inspiration for those who get to look at it for decades to come.


I can pull it off.  So, let’s hope I don’t loose site of the potential.  If I do…I have officially blogged it and can come back to this point to remind myself…right?!

Even in the shadows, the potential is there.


What is it about crying…that becomes so complicated.

It is something that I fight against as hard as I can.  Because I don’t want to share that I am ever that upset about something.  But yet, I strive to share humor, love, appreciation with everyone I know.  Crying though…no way.

But sometimes, it’s so necessary.

Tears of joy.

Tears of heartbreaking sorrow.

Tears from choking on that last piece of brownie.

It has to happen.  In the last two months, I have cried more then I have in years.  Definitely not all from sadness, and at least once from choking on a brownie.  But I have cried.  Purged the emotions and moved to the next step.

Which leads me to think, how many emotions has this house seen?  I can not even begin to imagine the amount of people who have walked through those doors, sat and enjoyed meals together, mourned losses, struggled through challenges in life, watched their life change before their eyes.  Oh, the stories it could tell if it could speak.

More than any time in my life, I have realized how imperative it all is, every emotion.  Live your life, share the good, the bad, the ugly…and hope someone is around when you’re choking on a brownie.


Let’s talk about math.

First of all, it’s time to disclose a personal detail about myself.

I am a teacher.

However, let me make this perfectly clear.  I am an Art teacher.  By no means, would I, or could I ever be a math teacher.

So, you’re probably wondering at this point, what this particular ramble is about.  For the last 4 years, I have been living in a house that was 860 square feet.  If you included the basement, it was just a smidge under 1200 square feet.  Well, the new farmhouse measures in somewhere around 2100 square feet.

Now, here is the math problem.

It would appear to me, that I actually have lots more space, right??  So, how in the world am I struggling to find a place for my current furniture in the new house????  I mean, it really shouldn’t be this hard right?

But, as I get further and further into the packing process, I’m really starting to wonder how little old me has so many belongings.  Or, I can just go ahead and blame it on the fact that the farmhouse has too many doors and windows that take up more wall space.

Yep, that’s going to be my answer. I’m sticking with it!  Too many windows…and doors…

Welcome to my sketch book. The place where things probably only make sense to me! This is what furniture arranging looks like in my world.

Boxes, burnt wood and plexiglass….oh my!

It’s officially been 7 days!!  One whole week with the new house…and oh is it trying to tell me it’s story.

So, over the weekend, there was a massive cleaning adventure (which, for the record is still going on).  We were able to get a lot purged and scrubbed, but it never seems enough, does it??

The first adventure was cleaning these boxes out of the attic.  I have no idea who felt the need to throw them up into the attic years and years ago, but thanks.  Seriously, nothing like crawling around in cobwebs and raccoon poop because you were worried about saving boxes! 🙂  Truthfully though, my poor brother got the worst end of this deal.  I was in the attic throwing them towards the ladder and he got to be on the receiving end.

I fear I took a year off the life of his lungs!


While looking at purchasing the house, I developed a serious love/hate relationship with the original windows in the house…well, what appeared to be original.  The ones that are still original…are AMAZING!  The glass in them is almost enchanting when you look through it.  They have so much character.  I quickly ignored the inefficiency of them and just knew that I would have to figure out a better way to ward off winter then replacing the windows.

Well, that was until I started cleaning them.

Apparently, over the years, a good number of the windows have been replaced with plexiglass.  Now, I’m all about fixing things on a budget.  BUT….plexiglass??  The best part, not one of the ones that has been replaced is actually attached on all four sides.  This brings me to the hate side of my relationship with the windows.

I am already dreading the hours that is going to take to REMOTELY fix the windows…but it will be great when it’s done, right????

The window on the right is original, and clean (well the inside). The windoow on the left is dirty and mostly plexiglass.
The window on the right is original, and clean (well the inside). The windoow on the left is dirty and mostly plexiglass.

Now, to the juicy part of this story.

The house has had a fire at some point.  From the damage in the above room, it was a pretty good blaze.  The amazing part of this is, in the course of the last 6 weeks, I have had a dozen or more people go through the house with me.  No one, not a one, noticed the burnt trim in this room.  It wasn’t until I was scrubbing walls and trim last night did I even notice it (and I’m slightly obsessive).

But it’s definitely burnt.  Like a charred piece of campfire wood.

It's not the best picture, but you can definitely tell it's crispy. It will leave soot on your fingers when you touch it. Bonus!
It’s not the best picture, but you can definitely tell it’s crispy. It will leave soot on your fingers when you touch it. Bonus!

I wonder if they were trying to make smores in bed???

Who wouldn’t want smores in bed?

Maybe not the best choice though.

Anyway, I’m sure there’s a tale to tell with this burnt trim.  I can only hope to track it down.  That story and the fact that I have been told the house was a stagecoach stop once upon a time.

More on that later!

So, this story goes like this…

When I first started to explore the option of getting this house and starting a business, I was stuck on a name for it.  I had had a few things happen in my personal life that had made me step back and reevaluate my purpose.  Then, one morning, just like that, it came to me.  Legacy Studio.

I know, it sounds cliche.

But it’s not.  At all.

What is your legacy?

Is it your children?  If is your career?  Is it your faith? Is it your traditions?  Is it your passions?

That’s the amazing thing about creating your legacy, it is an individual as your fingerprint.

So, then the question became, what did I want my legacy to be.  It became very clear and very simple.  I have been blessed with an amazing life.  It has been a perfect balance of challenge and reward.  I have had a family around me who have taught me so many skills, nourished my confidence and been so supportive through my ups and downs.

Then, my friends.  Oh, my friends!  So, amazing they are.  They have taught me so much about living life.  Giving and taking.  Truly understanding what the term “bucket filling” means in daily life.  Through every step of every day, my network of friends is there for me at every turn.  Each and every one them givng me personalized support and cheer in their own amazing ways.

That brings me back to my legacy.  What is it you ask???

To pass along the joy for life that I have experienced.  Through my knowledge, through my creative spirit, through the support of friends and family.  My dream is to create a place where perfect strangers would feel welcome to come and create, explore new traditions for their families and develop new connections and friendships of their own.  In a day an age of overhwleming technology (and trust me…I love it!), I think we can all get back to a little face time with each other.

So, here’s to creating a legacy.

What will you want to be remembered for?

Things that go creek in the night…

Morning everyone!

Well, last night was the first night of the cleaning endeavor.  I had to drag my dear friend “J” with me, because honestly…she’s a cleaning machine!  So, we picked up our favorite pizza, had a bottle of wine and decided to tackle the kitchen and first floor bathroom.

We had just finished unpacking the car and were standing there getting ready to enjoy our first meal in the new house….that’s when it happened.


Or maybe it was more like,




Either way, we were standing completely still and it most definitely came from the other room.  She immediately explained it away that there was a cat living in the house that somehow got in with all the people who have been coming and going lately.  I immediately started talking to the ghosts and telling them that I was friendly and I just wanted them to be happy too. Either way, it happened.  I heard it.  We heard it.

Now, this is not my first old house to live in.  My current house was built in 1929 and my parents house was built in 1939.  However, this is by far the OLDEST house I have lived in.  I am totally prepared to have some ethereal roommates.  The good news, there won’t be an argument over whether or not the toilet paper should be over or under.

The Learning Curve

So, this might be surprising to many of you…but tackling the house and renovating it doesn’t really scare me.  However, building a website for the future business and to document the journey…scaring the hell out of me!  Talk about an intense learning curve!  But the good news, it’s getting better day by day.  The downside, I have not taken packing nearly as seriously as I should have!

Tonight is the first night of cleaning.  I evicted the creepy crawlers Wednesday night, so now it’s time to start the purge of grossness.  There’s plenty of it.  No worries.

I might not post much this weekend, but no worries…Monday, I’ll be back, with pictures!!

Remember, everything happens for a reason.  I don’t care what you believe, but there is a much bigger plan for all of us controlled by someone/something much bigger than us.  Two months ago, I would have never imagined that this would be my new reality.  Yet, here I am!  Ready for this crazy journey to really get started.  Have a great weekend everyone!!

Today is the Day!!!

Welcome everyone!

I guess I should start with introductions!  My name is Lyndsey and I could be called crazy.  Truthfully.

About 6 weeks ago, I found a historic piece of property and call it karma, insanity, passion…whatever you will, I knew I needed to own it.  So, today is the day.  I get the keys today!!  To what is, in my humble opinion, the coolest old house and barn around.  Now, I can be honest.  it’s rough around the edges.  The worst house you’ve ever seen, nooooo….but needs some serious TLC, yes!  The first step is the eviction of all of creepy crawlers who have been calling it home over the last few months.

Over the new few days, weeks, years and even decades (LOL!!), I am hoping to document this journey.  You will hopefully get to know me and my level and passion for these old homes and help me create my legacy.  There are lots of ideas and hopes rolling around in this head of mine, so…today is the day!  I’m so excited and scared at the same time, I can hardly stand it.  Check out my website and Facebook/Instagram for more pictures of projects.  This blogging thing is new to me, so please forgive me learning curve!

**Before I leave…

A HUGE thank you to all of my friends and family who have been so patient and tolerant of my panic attacks, paranoia of change and overall lack of confidence in this project.  Your support has been tremendous and without you, I would not be here today.  Now, you’re not done…any of you!  Get a rag and some cleaning supplies, we start on Sunday!  Oh, and your pay…how’s pizza sound?????  LOVE YOU ALL!