Morning everyone!

Well, last night was the first night of the cleaning endeavor.  I had to drag my dear friend “J” with me, because honestly…she’s a cleaning machine!  So, we picked up our favorite pizza, had a bottle of wine and decided to tackle the kitchen and first floor bathroom.

We had just finished unpacking the car and were standing there getting ready to enjoy our first meal in the new house….that’s when it happened.


Or maybe it was more like,




Either way, we were standing completely still and it most definitely came from the other room.  She immediately explained it away that there was a cat living in the house that somehow got in with all the people who have been coming and going lately.  I immediately started talking to the ghosts and telling them that I was friendly and I just wanted them to be happy too. Either way, it happened.  I heard it.  We heard it.

Now, this is not my first old house to live in.  My current house was built in 1929 and my parents house was built in 1939.  However, this is by far the OLDEST house I have lived in.  I am totally prepared to have some ethereal roommates.  The good news, there won’t be an argument over whether or not the toilet paper should be over or under.

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