When I first started to explore the option of getting this house and starting a business, I was stuck on a name for it.  I had had a few things happen in my personal life that had made me step back and reevaluate my purpose.  Then, one morning, just like that, it came to me.  Legacy Studio.

I know, it sounds cliche.

But it’s not.  At all.

What is your legacy?

Is it your children?  If is your career?  Is it your faith? Is it your traditions?  Is it your passions?

That’s the amazing thing about creating your legacy, it is an individual as your fingerprint.

So, then the question became, what did I want my legacy to be.  It became very clear and very simple.  I have been blessed with an amazing life.  It has been a perfect balance of challenge and reward.  I have had a family around me who have taught me so many skills, nourished my confidence and been so supportive through my ups and downs.

Then, my friends.  Oh, my friends!  So, amazing they are.  They have taught me so much about living life.  Giving and taking.  Truly understanding what the term “bucket filling” means in daily life.  Through every step of every day, my network of friends is there for me at every turn.  Each and every one them givng me personalized support and cheer in their own amazing ways.

That brings me back to my legacy.  What is it you ask???

To pass along the joy for life that I have experienced.  Through my knowledge, through my creative spirit, through the support of friends and family.  My dream is to create a place where perfect strangers would feel welcome to come and create, explore new traditions for their families and develop new connections and friendships of their own.  In a day an age of overhwleming technology (and trust me…I love it!), I think we can all get back to a little face time with each other.

So, here’s to creating a legacy.

What will you want to be remembered for?

5 thoughts on “So, this story goes like this…

  1. Nice post. I’ve always liked the word legacy. It’s loaded with potential, hope and endearment. I used it often in my career with reference to crew development and successions training. Best of the best to you, and thanks for stopping by my blog😊


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