So, this weekend, some friends stopped by to see the house.  One of them asked me a very interesting question.

What drew you to the house?

Ok, that’s easy.  Right?!?!?!

Well, I drew a complete blank.  Call it long days that are rolling into long weeks.  Call it exhaustion.  Call whatever you will, but I sat at the kitchen table and for the life of me couldn’t think of what made me want to get the house.

That’s a problem.  The honeymoon can’t be over already??  I mean, all I have done so far is cleaned and packed and moved…rinse and repeat.  How can I be tired of this project already?

Then I remembered.  The potential.  My brother calls me ambitious.  I say I am crazy.  It’s guarded enthusiasm with a twist of hope to win the lottery.  But, there is potential.  So much of it.  Everywhere I look in the house, I just want to patch, paint, kill bees, scrub, scrape and refresh every surface, inside and out.  I truly believe that over time, this house will stand to be a legacy for generations to come and inspiration for those who get to look at it for decades to come.


I can pull it off.  So, let’s hope I don’t loose site of the potential.  If I do…I have officially blogged it and can come back to this point to remind myself…right?!

Even in the shadows, the potential is there.

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