Well, it’s official, I am now living at the farmhouse full time!!  What a weekend.  But, the dogs and I are officially moved in!

Heads up…mushy thanks and gratitude alert ahead!

I want to thank everyone who has been there and helped me through this move and transition in my life.  Lots of you, I won’t mention by name…because let’s be honest, I’m pretty sure you don’t want all your business out there like that. But you KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!  There have been hours of cleaning, moving, listening to my panick attacks…every bit of it that I can NEVER repay you for.  You are the best examples of what a friend can be to someone and I am so lucky, blessed, and thankful for each and every one of you…near and far from me, that are behind me every step of the way!

One last mushy moment.

Thanks Mom and Dad and Bro.  My family gave up most of their Friday and mowed and weedwhacked the entire place.  With that and the help moving and the listening…the Bro reminding me to have a “Cry-Free” day…daily…every second of this journey, couldn’t do it without you!  Talk about a legacy, I have the best legacy when it comes to my family!  LOVE THEM!

First mow!
First mow!

So, with that being said, the first home renovation project is also officially complete.

I now have a new shiny showerhead, that works MUCH better than the crusty, mineral filled old one.

Not to mention, the washer and dryer are hooked up, thanks to my very dedicated Daddy-O!  So, a little more unpacking and organizing…and paint colors and scraping will commence.

Which leads me to my next question.  I normally like to explore new colors immediately, would it be bad to repeat colors that I really liked from my old house?  I’m already having a tough time leaving that cute little house and I’m thinking that if I repeat colors, it might make it even stranger to leave the house…


2 thoughts on “Day 19.

  1. Your new house looks magnificent, and I love the floor saw in a previous post. I usually say to people to live in a house for a while before putting colour in. The light will change as the seasons change. Having said that there is a particular brick colour and a bedroom yellow that creeps into all my houses. Lovely. I look forward to more of this place.. c

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    1. Thank you Cecilia!! My family makes fun of me when I get down to picking paint colors. I typically out 30-40 samples up on a wall and look at them over the course of a week or so. Different times of day, different weather days, etc. When I get down to 5 or so, I start putting them next to different pieces of trim, or places in the room… Just to make sure. Then I continue to whittle it down from there! In sure you’ll see pictures on here of the “process” soon enough! Thanks for stopping by!!

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