Being Thankful.

So, this being thankful thing.  It’s hard, isn’t it?  I mean, let’s be honest, there are moments, when it is hard to drudge up a quick list.  I have done the month of thanks before and on the whole, I try to keep things pretty positive in my life.  But, wow, there are just moments where you have to pause and think…seriously???  Do I need anymore challenges in life…NO!!!  lol!

Ok, so enough of the vent!  The point of this blog was to remember that some of the smallest things can be the ones you end up being most thankful for.

There will always be more things to do.

There will never be enough money.

There will never be enough time to spend with the ones you love.

There will always be that one “thing” that tries to break your groove.


There will also be another chance to fix things.

There will always be another chance to make that time to spend with a loved one.

There will always be the feeling the moment something gets accomplished.

There will always be a chance to change your course.

So, please stop and just be thankful for the littlest things.  Those are the things that keep up going, minute-by-minute, day-by-day…

This is my quick list…

  1. A working furnance that isn’t going to kill me.
  2. Shelves in massive cabinets.
  3. My American flag flying from the house.
  4. A new light shining on the front of house, so what if it makes it look creepy.
  5. My first electric bill not being so scary that I want to cry!

So, if you had to list 5 of the littlest things to be thankful for…what would they be?

IMG_20151122_175432952 (1)
Does it make the house look creepy??







Well, it’s official!  We had the first ever event at Legacy Studio.  It wasn’t related to Art at all, or even being creative, but it was most definitely part of creating a legacy.  Family, friends, food and fun…and a GORGEOUS fall Ohio day, it doesn’t get much better, truly.


Huge thanks to my Momma.  She rocks.  I’m trying to convince her that she should start a party planning business.  What she did to make this event happen…AMAZING!


My Daddy-O…couldn’t have done it without him and the abrupt change of plans.  He was literally the knight in shining armor who saved the day!  I don’t have a good pic of him from the day and I’m sure he won’t be too upset if he’s not advertised to the world!

SW…you know who you are.  I’m sure you wouldn’t care if I put you on blast, but regardless…THANK YOU!  Between you and the photographer, the day would have not been documentated, or gone nearly as smoothly!

Jack…thanks to them, there are pictures for you to enjoy from your balmy new dig!

The official event photographer! Everything was taken from the vantage point of a 6 year old! LOVE IT!
The official event photographer! Everything was taken from the vantage point of a 6 year old! LOVE IT!

Finally, to EVERYONE who came out and enjoyed the day with me, THANK YOU!  Personal thank you notes will be coming, but honestly, the couch was far more inviting last night than writing thank you notes.  No, seriously, this is a HUGE, far-fetched crazy idea I’m trying to put together.  Seeing your faces, feeling you fill the house with your love and support, just reminds me why I want to try to make this happen.  It needs to happen.  There are too many wonderful experiences we let slip by because we are just frankly too busy with everything else.

Oh wait…how could I forget!?!?!?!?!

Thanks to the mutts…for reminding me how spoiled you truly are!

The aftermath...
The aftermath…

Now that the party is over, get ready!  Lots of work will be starting and I’m hoping for some input from everyone on some decisions, stay tuned!


Listen, for those of you who know me, I’m not really a “city-slicker”.

But, since most of you don’t know, let me reiterate.  I am not really a “city-slicker”

Or a girly-girl.

Or afraid of dirt.

Or the dark.

But with my recent move, came a new development.  Cows.  Now, I have owned horses for 20 years.  I am used to big, smelly, demanding animals.  But these cows…it’s whole new world living with cows a few hundred feet from the house.

Also, to clarify, these are not my cows, just helping a neighbor out!  Lord knows, I don’t need another animal right now, Beau, Daisy and Casey might hate me forever!

So, earlier this week I was greeted by an escapee.  Luckily, this little calf had no interest in going to far from his momma until Farmer came to wrangle him back up.  Let’s be honest, I’m on my way to work, I don’t got time for all of that!  But in the last couple of days, Farmer, has made some adjustments to the herd.  Let’s put it this way, one of those mommas ain’t happy.  At. All.

Moo.... The little escapee.
The little escapee.

She feels the need to profess it late into the night.  Early the morning.  At the top of her lungs.  Who needs a damn rooster when you have a screaming cow.  It’s annoying.

So, in the course of a few weeks, I have gone from listening to neighbors party hardy to cows screaming.  Best part, I don’t think I would trade it!  Welcome to country life….well, slightly more country life.


A few weeks ago, I decided that it would be a great idea to have my first party…as an adult.  Now, mind you, I have always steered clear of hosting parties.  They totally stress me out.

I worry about how much food.  The dogs annoying people.  Not cleaning well enough (mind you, I am slightly obsessive). Not having enough seats.  Not talking to everyone.  Where to park everyone.  How will everyone mingle? The dogs escaping. I mean, you think of it, I fret over it.

So…nothing like planning my first party for 32 days after I get the keys to the biggest house project I have ever taken on. Let’s do this!!

The first 28 days have been spent unpacking, cleaning, organizing and cleaning some more.  No worries, it won’t be done…lol!  It will be 96.2% done, but definitely not 100%.  I am trying to cope with this failure.

I have made progress though, in all of the important areas.  Like the garage.  After a large chunk of time on Sunday, I have half of a functioning garage space.  I hope the guests really enjoy my hard work!  We should serve the food out here, they can admire the structural engineering feat of that roof (more on that later).

A comparasion shot.
A comparasion shot.
First trailer load of trash out of the house and garage.

But, my mom…she’s on it.  Like bees on honey.  She is amazing.  She has lists.  She schedules her time.  She is prepared. She has been working on it for two weeks, timing everything on her lists perfectly. She is the glue holding this thing together at this point.  Because, she is a saint who deals so well with my crazy notions and ideas!

See, organized and AMAZING!
See, organized and AMAZING!

The party is this Sunday, I am going to photobomb people left and right for future posts and documentation purposes (that I actually have hosted a party…maybe the next one I’ll try without relying on my momma so much!).  So, if you are on the invite list, wear your Sunday best, you’re gonna be a celebrity! I LOVE YOU ALL!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!