Craft rooms…the good, bad and ugly.

So, I have a 4-day weekend coming up.  I am torn between tackling the dining room or the craft room (or ambitiously, both…or should I say…insanely).

With that being said, my OCD has kicked in.  Looking up ideas, brainstorming out what I like and don’t like and then sprinkling…I mean POURING in a whole lot of reality.


God how I LOVE to HATE you.

You are NOT reality.  You are as real as the lottery.  Especially when it comes to designing and organizing craft room spaces.

However, like the bikini body I’ll never have…I WANT YOU!!!  The GORGEOUS, LAVISH, PERFECT room for nothing but hours of blissful crafting.  I mean, in my dream world…lovely light, perfect containers situated just Martha Stewart perfect. The cozy, beautiful sitting chair where I can count the hours watching out the window while putting the finishing touches on the creations that I can share with the world.


This is a slight example of full work mode currently…not TERRIBLE…but not the room of my dreams!

I have a closet full of house repair products the previous tenants left.  Walls that are a mess.  Holes, a sorta finished newer wall (which is actually going to go bye bye) and stacks of stuff everywhere.  Ahhh, the story of every craft person out there…stacks of STUFF.

So, how do you get to that perfect craft room?  I have found lots of tricks and tips for organization…anyone?  Input?  Wanna share you favorite picks of your craft space???  HELP ME????

The one thing I have working for me is I do have AMAZING light…and it’s a good sized room.

Note:  I wouldn’t recommend spray painting in the house.

And I get to see the most amazing sunsets!

Check out those walls!  I actually might keep the idea and just recreate it…I wish they wouldn’t have gotten lazy and painted over the hand created border!

And the dogs love hanging out with me when I am up there!

Check out the light!!!

So, take a second….share a pic.  A thought.  A helpful hint that helped make your craft space perfect!  As soon as I start, there will be before and after pics coming!!  Can’t WAIT!!!

Peace out peeps.

Being Busy.

Hey hey!

This is something I struggle with…every day of my life.  Truthfully, so do most of my friends.  It’s one of the topics we most commonly chat about on the phone, via texting, etc.

I guess it could be considered a sickness.  An obsession.  An elusive dream.

How can I possibly squeeze every millisecond of usefulness out of every minute of every day?

Note a particular conversation with a friend recently…

Have you ever tried to get to sleep and when you can’t…you get mad.  Literally angry.   Because you know that you only have so many hours to find that restorative amount of sleep to be efficient and productive for the next day.  Then when you start to get angry. You get angry that you’re getting angry… because you know it’s not helping one damn thing.  Then, you get to start the whole process over again, cleaning the thoughts out of your head, taking relaxing breaths, fighting the urge to look at your phone to see what time it is…blah, blah, blah.

Yep.  100%.


Anyway, back to the point.  When I bought the house, I thought I could do it.   Heck, I still think I can do it.  I can push a little harder, I can make more time, for more….everything. But, as much as I think I’m right…I might be wrong.

I have this vision that I can be a mix of Superwoman, Martha Stewart, Nicole Curtis and Suze Orman.   It’s probably not a very realistic reality.

But through the last few months, I have negotiated a series of challenges, nothing serious, but every day…every week, it’s been something.  I’m currently counting down the days until my next break when I can start cleaning out and repairing the two closets upstairs.  I am FIGHTING the urge to get into now, because I don’t have the time to dedicate to it, at least not properly.

I am starting to think that almost as valuable as the money it takes to restore an old home, is the time.

So, where do I steal time from?

Every person who loves and supports me.  I hedge time frames.  I rely on them to help me out with daily chores (thanks Momma for your recent duty with the ponies!).

The spoiled ponies…thanks Momma!

I squeeze in dinners.  I push myself to readjust the To Do List, to make more time where and when I need it.  It’s possibly the most challenging game of chess I have ever played…and ask J.S., I suck at chess.

But, in the end…Here’s to every one of you who fights this battle.  It’s wearisome. Exhaustive.  Challenging.  Sacrificing.  And in the end, probably a losing battle.

However, I want to believe it’s worth it.  Because if it’s important to you…there is always time for it.  Always.  You only have so many minutes on this planet, make them count. Every one of them.  Spend them with people you love.  Doing things you love.  Eating food you love.  Being in love.  Loving YOUR life!


Peace out peeps.



Please consider…

Hi everyone!

So, if you didn’t know…I am trying to not only restore the house, but trying to save the glorious old barn (which is actually 1 year older than the house).  Because of that, please consider taking a look at my GoFundMe page and maybe even sharing the link…

I would GREATLY appreciate it.

Maybe word will get to one of those Powerball winners???????

Thanks everyone!

Save This Barn!IMG_20151213_122414740

Day 100

And….drum roll please!!!!!!!!!!

I didn’t win the lottery…Just wanted to put all of your worries to rest my friends.

Because I like to reflect, a lot, on pretty much everything, this post is going to be full of rambling insights.

Since I didn’t win the lottery, I’m back to scraping together pennies and nickels (working towards dimes and quarters! lol!) for projects at the house.  More reading.  More pinning. More questions.  More conversations.  More ideas.

Rinse and repeat.

I get frustrated.  Really frustrated.  I wish I had more time…and funds…for the house.  But I keep telling myself to be patient, it will come together.   Eventually.  After 100 days of building my relationship with my old beauty (I think I should name her!), I am sad I haven’t done more.  But I realize that I really have gotten a lot done in a fairly short period (let me mention that as I compiled this list, I was even impressed as I remembered more and more things!)

I have painted the kitchen.

I cleaned out the attic!!

Held two wonderful events with friends and family getting a chance to meet the old beauty.

Just lived in it.

I built a great cabinet thingy out of recycled cabinets from the house.

Learned that snow comes in around the upstairs weird exterior door.

I realized that I REALLY hate the basement.  But I think it’s because I can’t wait to fix the storm cellar entrance and just clean the basement out.  It’s just gross.

I put shelves in the kitchen cabinets.

That the outlet in the dinning room might be haunted…but just the outlet!

Most of all, I have learned to be more patient.  To love everything more.

Even the hinges.


Ironically when I read her post, I realized that that’s it.  The first day I went through the house, I fell in LOVE with every tiny, minute detail that had survived the last 158 years.  It is those little details that keep reminding me it will be ok.  It will take time and I will be exhausted and broke for the rest of my existence, but it will be ok.

One of my favorite details is this light…I use it DAILY.  I might just keep it after the renovations!!IMG_20150908_172804593

So, next up.  I have Monday off of work.  The list is already extensive of things I would LOVE to get done.  But there will be a reno project of some sort being done!  Photos to come.

Until then…should I name the house???  Nickname it?  Something funny?  I mean, I know people name cars…why not houses?  Any suggestions?




What would YOU do????

So, big news in the world…

Have you heard about the lottery?  It’s up to an insane $675 million I guess!  Maybe more by now, that was the number I read hours ago.

Confession time.

I have a serious obsession with the lottery when it gets this high.  HOW CAN YOU NOT!?!?!?!?

It’s just so fun to dream, imagine, envision the life you could create for yourself and those around you! I was watching the news the other day and they were saying that you had better chances of having identical sextuplets.

Well, here’s my argument.

Someone always does win.  ALWAYS.  And if you don’t buy a ticket or two, the odds are WAY worse of not winning (math was NEVER a strong point with me!).

Plus, it’s a little cheap thrill in life.

lottery 1
Unlike this poor guy!

So, what would you do?  Where would you move?  Who would you help? Jump on board the dream boat and just have fun dreaming of the possibilities.  Our regular session with reality will start again as soon as someone…lucky bastard…wins!

But, while I was shopping for my next dream house (no worries, I would still finish restoring this one to it’s glory days!) I stumbled upon this fitting article!

How to Buy a House you Can’t Afford

Thanks Circa Old Houses for the great read and help!  If you have never taken a moment to check out their site, it’s wonderful.  Splendid layout.  Broad selection of historic homes and eye candy for days for those of you who love drooling over those old gems as much as I do!



Hey hey everyone!

We are officially in the new year and hopefully recovering from the mad crazy of the holiday season.  I know that for me, yesterday was one of the laziest days I have had in MONTHS.  Not only did I not leave the house for the entire day, but I didn’t work on any projects.

That’s a bold faced lie.

I did try…a meager attempt at best…to make the crumbling storm cellar entrance slightly more weather tight before winter actually gets to Ohio. But, let me just inform you…the BIG GAP insulation foam spray stuff….not nearly BIG enough to fix the problem.  So, onto plan B, which I’m not sure what it is yet.  But as soon as I know, I’ll let you know.

I did end up creating for the day.  I read about something kinda cool a temperature blanket.

What?!?!? You ask!!  A blanket that regulates to the temperature???

Ok, not quite that cool, but needless to say, fun to make!


You can use the standard chart, found at this link… Temperature Blankets

Or you can make your own chart, which is TOTALLY what I did.  I followed it loosely, just staying within the general colors designated those temperature ranges.  Because I knew I would be binge watching TV all day, I decided I wanted to go back and start with December.  Also, because we had one of the coolest (and I don’t mean temperature wise) Decembers on record in Ohio that I kinda wanted to document in the blanket.   So, I used Weather Underground to find the conditions starting December 1, 2015.

So, as I work on it, I’ll keep you posted.  This blanket will eventually be on my Etsy Site, as soon as I get it done!