Saturday Night Secrets…

Hey yo…

So, it’s Saturday night.  I am feeling a totally random urge to blog…although I have no idea what about.

That’s your warning.  What you are about to read will probably be the most pointless, random set of thoughts strung together in recent history.

In an effort to find a topic for this blog, I googled for ideas.  One of the topic suggestions was to tell a secret.

I can do that.  Tell a secret.

It can’t be THAT hard! Right??

Then I realized, that is much harder than you would think.  Because the information that is really secret (like what’s in the second drawer) is information that will ALWAYS stay secret.  But then there is information that could be misconstrued as secret, but in reality it has already been shared with those close to me.  So, in all actuality, it really isn’t a secret anymore.

Even in this somewhat anonymous forum, secret revealing can be frightening as hell.   Because at the end of the day, nothing online is really anonymous.

But, this brings me to one of my favorite, random fun websites…PostSecret

I was first introduced to this website a few years ago and I fell in love.  Because it is honest.  Funny. Awkward.  Intense.  Odd. Real.  But most of all, just human.

I mean…interesting??








So, pop on over to PostSecret sometime and check it out.  I think you would be amazed and how close to home some of the secrets can be.

They also have a live show now, plus an app.

Finally, since I tackled the secret topic….I’ll go ahead and share. I don’t know if it’s really a secret, or a confession…or a little both…that some of you already know part of…blah blah blah.

I have delusional aspirations of what I want to do with my life that look more like the plot line to a  4-star RomCom featuring Sandra Bullock with an unlimited budget and calories to eat…and then I realize, my life is already half over, my bank account is very limited and my calories are counted and analyzed daily.


Peace out peeps.



Scarlett O’Hara, Eat Your Heart Out

When I was young, I was obsessed with Gone With the Wind.  I read the entire book in a day. Watched the movie over and over again.  Spent lots of time imagining the days when the Scarlett O’Hara’s of the world could fan themselves in the shade while time clicked by.

Needless to say, I am the furthest thing from the “Scarlett O’Hara” type that there could be.  Well, at least the version of Scarlett in the whole first half of the movie.  But when things got tough, the nitty gritty version of Scarlett is more my pace.

So, when I was remaking my dining room curtains, I couldn’t help by recall that famous curtain scene…only slightly modified.

No, I did not make a overly frilly, massive green velvet dress.

Just for clarification purposes!


Now, my version was not nearly as dramatic.  Here was my situation!

When I moved into the new house, I reused the curtains from my bedroom in the old house in the dining room for my new place.  The biggest problem I had was that the new windows are 79 inches tall…which means my old curtains were slightly short.  But since I refuse to give up good curtains, there just had to be a solution.

There just had to be.

So, these were the old curtains, and you can’t see it, but they are about 18 inches from the floor.

So, when I was painting, I remembered these curtains that I had made for the old kitchen.  I LOVED them.  LOVE them.  I made a point of bringing the fabric with me when I moved, because I LOVED the print so much.  Plus, I had only enjoyed them for about a year in the old house…not nearly enough time!

My favorite curtains…well one of my favs!

AHHH HAAA!!!!   Perfection!!!  I could combine them!


This is what we call in a Win-Win!  Saved and re-purpose both sets of curtains into something wonderful that would dress up the new paint job!

Plus, even better….FREE!!!!!  Everything was already purchased, so with a little elbow grease, they turned out to be amazing!

I mean, in my own humble opinion.


So, my old bedroom curtains + my old kitchen curtains = some awesome LONG new dining room curtains!

I might not have been able to rock out this look…but I’m still pretty thrilled!


Peace out peeps.

Remember, always be grateful 🙂







48 More Shades of Gray to go!

Well at least until the fun starts!  KIDDING!!  My mom is reading this…hi Momma!

I painted the dining room yesterday!  Now, I have to admit, I really enjoy painting.  Well, it doesn’t bother me terribly.  This is a pretty generic  panoramic of  the room when I started yesterday, about 1:30.  Lots of light!IMG_20160212_130757457

I started with the ceiling.  I was bound and determined to paint the ceiling a dark color.  I have 10 foot ceilings…and LIGHT…lots of it….so WHY NOT???  I actually would have gone darker, but I wanted to save those I love from having a heart attack!


Then came the tedious process of cutting in.  For the record, 6 doors and 2 windows,  plus the ceiling.  It’s annoying to say the least.  It actually went pretty quick!


Then I took a break to love on this handsome stud.  This is the best dog in the world…don’t tell every other dog on the planet…including Daisy!


So, this is what I was most excited about.  I had everything painted in just under 6 hours…I was super impressed!  Lots of climbing the ladder and I was virtually crippled last night, but I think it was worth it.  I wonder if @nicolecurtis would approve??  What about you?


Here’s another version.


I have some exciting ideas to jazz up my curtains.  I hope to get to that this weekend. but we’ll see. Plus, dad will be coming out to dress up the chandelier and lengthen it a little more.  I know he can’t wait (Mmm hmm…total sarcasm…he already made some comment about not being able to trust just shutting the light switch off in case they hot wired the nuetral)!!! It’s slowly becoming more homey!  Bonus, it will all be beautiful and done for the next class at the end of February!

Peace out peeps!

Craft Room Progress

Hey everyone,

So, my last entry, I was sharing with you my concerns for making my craft room awesome.  Thanks to Pinterest…I have been able to get started on the glorious path of an amazing craft room!!!

This idea of how to organize fabric…came in super handy.  Now, mine doesn’t look quite as perfect, but it’s a definite start!


I have also been buying the little $1.00 bins like it’s my job!  Labels are attached.   Little tidbits are organized!  It’s coming along!  At this rate, 5 years from now, it should be WONDERFUL!!


More pictures to come…I can’t wait to really get it put together!