Well at least until the fun starts!  KIDDING!!  My mom is reading this…hi Momma!

I painted the dining room yesterday!  Now, I have to admit, I really enjoy painting.  Well, it doesn’t bother me terribly.  This is a pretty generic  panoramic of  the room when I started yesterday, about 1:30.  Lots of light!IMG_20160212_130757457

I started with the ceiling.  I was bound and determined to paint the ceiling a dark color.  I have 10 foot ceilings…and LIGHT…lots of it….so WHY NOT???  I actually would have gone darker, but I wanted to save those I love from having a heart attack!


Then came the tedious process of cutting in.  For the record, 6 doors and 2 windows,  plus the ceiling.  It’s annoying to say the least.  It actually went pretty quick!


Then I took a break to love on this handsome stud.  This is the best dog in the world…don’t tell every other dog on the planet…including Daisy!


So, this is what I was most excited about.  I had everything painted in just under 6 hours…I was super impressed!  Lots of climbing the ladder and I was virtually crippled last night, but I think it was worth it.  I wonder if @nicolecurtis would approve??  What about you?


Here’s another version.


I have some exciting ideas to jazz up my curtains.  I hope to get to that this weekend. but we’ll see. Plus, dad will be coming out to dress up the chandelier and lengthen it a little more.  I know he can’t wait (Mmm hmm…total sarcasm…he already made some comment about not being able to trust just shutting the light switch off in case they hot wired the nuetral)!!! It’s slowly becoming more homey!  Bonus, it will all be beautiful and done for the next class at the end of February!

Peace out peeps!

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