A girl with a wheel barrow….

So, this past Sunday, we were blessed in Northeast Ohio with a GORGEOUS 70+ degree day.  Anyone who is from a snow region knows…these days are the best thing ever.

Next to winning a million bucks or being Lorelai Gilmore (only because she can eat whatever she wants and stays skinny!) that is.

It started out super cold, but quickly it turned out to be glorious.  I couldn’t wait.  I geared up and headed out to start my list of outdoor work.

It was wonderful.

I got the rhubarb garden cleaned out and re-edged with a new rock border.  Speaking of which….does anyone grow rhubarb?  I inherited this patch and I have no idea how old it is, or the care that it hasn’t received over the years.  Any suggestions on what I should do at this point?  Or just let it grow and see how it goes this season?  Heck, I don’t even know if I like rhubarb.

I’m also super excited because I was able to start laying out the new patio!  Granted, I probably won’t be able to work on it again until Summer Break, but that’s ok right?  A start is a start.

When it’s all completed, it will be lined with pieces of sandstone from the farm with pea gravel in the center.  There will also be a couple of steps up to it and will be surrounded by flowerbeds.  Part of the reason that this is so exciting to me is because I am starting to transplant perennials this week, so I wanted to make sure I had a place to put them.

FYI….Sandstone is SUPER heavy.  Those were the only pieces I could move, the rest will be moved with a tractor!  I’m a hard worker, but not stupid.

I also worked on some overall yard clean-up with my trusty 80 year old wheel barrow.  I’m so glad it was a productive day in the yard.  Granted, I couldn’t move the next day.  But it was so worth it.  IMG_20160327_112554924

Heck, even my two trusty mutts loved the weather!


So, until next time.  Be kind.  Read a chapter in a book.  I’m currently reading Wind and the Willows, what about you?

Peace out peeps.


Petunia/Petie, Final Chapter

I know that many of you have been on the edge of your seats….just waiting for the final chapter of the Petunia/Petie story.

It is with a saddened heart that I must share with you the dire news.

Well, it’s not all dire.  Nor is it all final.  All I have is a string of clues that I have pieced together to formulate Petunia/Petie’s fate.

There has been no action at the hole.


At least not in 4 days.

First 24 hours of no entry or exit.  After 3 days, I went ahead and felt bold enough to squish some of the steel wool back into the hole.  The second picture was last night…and it looks exactly the same today!!

So, with all that being said, I decided to go ahead and risk fate and officially blog this as a success!! Petunia/Petie is OUTTA HERE!  EVICTED!  RELOCATED!  Heck, for all I know…possibly has joined the Witness Protection Program in fear of her/his life.

Note to Karma…let’s not try to be funny?  K?  K.

My final notes on this saga.  I tried multiple techniques.  I feel like none of them were working.  Something did eventually show up and ate the rain water logged can of cat food…yet did not get trapped.

**Note to self…might want to make some adjustments on the trip switch of the live trap.  Just saying.**

However, last piece of the puzzle. There was also a dead skunk on the road about 200 yards from the house also 4 days ago.


So, if this was my little buddy…RIP Petunia/Petie.  I wish it wouldn’t have had to be so dramatic.  I just wanted you to reside somewhere other than my crawl space.  Especially since you still hadn’t paid rent.

Just saying.

Peace out peeps.

Rainy Day Crafts

So, sometimes, when I am preparing for my classes, I start to wonder if they are worth it.  I mean, between the shopping and the prep work and the clean-up, it can be daunting at times.  But then I remind myself, that the point of this is that I want to create an escape for people.  A place to go and enjoy the afternoon, eat, mingle and create!  When I remind myself of that, each class is perfect.  And I love it.  All of it.

A big shout out to Momma D for her amazing prep and help with the food.  Hands down, might be everyone’s favorite part of the class.  I truly don’t know what I would do without her being a part of these classes…and hey, my life in general.  She’s pretty remarkable.

For the record, I did help make the food.  But she makes all the really pretty things. Like those TINY tomatoes that she hallows out and stuffs with yummy stuff.


Then when everyone shows up, it just makes it even better.  There was grazing, chatting, lots of laughing and just general relaxation!

The best part was seeing everyone put their own spin on their wreaths.  I love seeing the individuality!


So, we had a great afternoon.  Ate way too much food and laughed really hard!  To the ladies who participated…you totally made my day!  Thank you!


Now, back to full-on warfare with Petunia/Petie the skunk.

Peace out peeps.


happy friday.

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to take a second and check in on everyone (the two of you, plus my momma who read this!).  I don’t know about you, but it had been another INSANE, fun week in the life of Lyndsey (maybe that should be my book title?)

So, Petunia/Petie the Skunk update.


You know it he/she is….ANNOYING!!!

Attempts just this week to remove my squatter include:

  1. Setting a trap with yummy wet cat food = NOTHING
  2. BLARING music and full blast to annoy the critter all night long = NOTHING
  3. Allowing my dog to BARK and DIG at the floor relentlessly = NOTHING
  4. Ammonia filled rags near and around the area = NOTHING

So, this weekend.  I’m upping my game.  Full warfare combat is on.  This means that I will have to go to the basement and investigate ways to get light and the ammonia rags into the TINY crawl space.  Best options at this moment are balloons filled with little amounts of ammonia and a work light.  I am also going to try mothballs.

Good news, I think I have even talked myself out of trapping Petunia/Petie.  The last thing I want is to have to deal with a pissed off skunk.

In other news (notice I didn’t say “good” news), I went on a date.  That was comical.


He ended up having a “past”.  Not like one of the other guys I went out with a few years ago with… who ended up being a registered sex offender.  This guy had ONLY embezzled almost $500,000 from a small company.  You know it’s not good for you when one Google search of your name produces top results which include “FBI”. Too think, his biggest concern was whether or not I was gonna be a good kisser.

Ummmm…dude, your priorities are SLIGHTLY skewed.

But, MOST exciting for the week….

This weekend is the Wreath Making Class!!!!!

I have been really busy prepping this week and as usual have purchased WAY too many supplies…but supplies are like food, you can never have too much!

But, I’m really excited to have a class again! Check back to see how it goes…and thanks in advance to those who are coming out!


You get to control your happiness.  Don’t take that responsibility lightly.

Peace out Peeps.





Skunk Stories

Heeeeeyyyyyyyy out there!

So, this is a good one.  Get a delicious beverage (lots of options here!) and pop a squat…it’s about to get country life real.

I have a confession…last week I had a bit of a war with a couple of local field mice.


No worries, war has been won, on all fronts. On Sunday, I spent the day filling any potential points of entry for those wily, cute and disgusting field mice.  House sanitized, holes filled, ready to go!

I was feeling VERY confident.

Too confident. WAY too confident.

36 hours later all confidence was crushed.

You’re lost, I know.  Let me explain.

The biggest point of entry that I found was on the foundation of the laundry room addition (it’s practically brand new, being built in 1910).  I have no idea why this large hole is there.  But in my combat geared strategical brain, it needed to be handled. ASAP.

With steel wool in hand, I fluffed up 3 pieces of steel wool, wedged it in REALLY well, put a piece of slate to stabilize it and nice sized rock just to add a little umph.

**Stands back proudly admiring the security of my home, thinking I could outsmart any silly little field mouse**

Fast forward 36 hours.

Sitting, chilling and watching TV, both dogs were comfy on their beds, all was right in the world.  Until suddenly, both dogs bolted off of their beds, bee-lined through the dining room and took a sliding right hand turn into the kitchen.

I didn’t panic.

Their idiots.

Just look at those faces!

Until I saw them gearing up their hound dog skills, racing around the kitchen, sniffing wildly…like they were on the hunt for the filet mignon they thought I left on the floor.

Then I got concerned.

I sauntered into the kitchen…no worries right???  Why rush??

Until I hit the entry way and smelled….

WHAT!?!?!?!?!   NOOOO!!!!!!!!


Now, for those of you who have had up-hand and close experiences with a skunk, there is something quite amazing about their stink.  When you are close enough to it…you can actually taste it on the back of your tongue.  Your tear ducts will water.

Yep, it was THAT up close and personal.


Instantly, I’m trying to discern where this little stinky bastard is.  The dogs, I mean they are HOUND dogs, seemed to hone in on the basement door.  Let’s be honest, it’s not completely hard to believe that a critter, rodent or lost pet couldn’t find their way into my basement.  So, taking their cue, I just assumed it was in the basement. It also explained how the furnace was doing a fabulous job of pushing the skunk smell through the entire first floor.

I decided that there wasn’t much I could do about it.  Not at 10 pm at night on a Monday evening.  So, off to bed.  Too bad my bedroom smelled like skunk too!  Sleep was filled with dreams of them walking down my hallway and coming to snuggle in bed.  I wouldn’t even know the difference, just another black-and-white blob hogging the bed.


Next morning.  My usual routine.  Running around like crazy, dogs out, pack lunch, make tea, feed dogs, start car…blah blah blah.

While I was outside with the dogs, I decided to check my hole I had filled.  I mean, the house was practically Fort Knox on Sunday…but any good sentry knows to make their rounds when in combat.


Well, let’s just say…the skunk wasn’t in the basement.

He most DEFINITELY was under the laundry room.  Apparently, after a 36 hour nap, he decided to wake up and take a stroll.  To which is promptly ran into a wall of steel wool…which pissed him off I guess.  Because he felt the need to voice his opinion in the form of his foul-smelling rancid defense odor!

So, moving on.  This house is no longer Fort Knox…well against mice it is, but not skunks. BUT, good news, I bet this story is not nearly over and will provide plenty of entertainment!!


Stay tuned for the next chapter on catching Petunia.  That is what I named him.  Yep, he can’t be a girl…then he could have babies under my laundry room.  But I like the name Petunia.

Peace out peeps.