Legacy Smegacy

Morning everyone…

I have been thinking a lot about this legacy stuff lately.  It really has been hitting home with me about what kind of legacy I would like to create.  Recently I have decided that I must be leaving  the crazy lady legacy.


I have some new neighbors that I met this past weekend.  It made me laugh that one of them immediately labeled me as a city girl with a little bit of country it in me.  So, it got me thinking….if I had to label myself, how exactly would I label myself?


Let me start  by stating that I hate labels.  In fact, I pride myself on breaking labels and normally look for ways to break the expectations that labels conjure up.  But, if there was one label I had to adopt…it would definitely be the “crazy” label.  It gives you a lot of room to be you.

I am so proud to be who I have become.  Not to sound egotistical.  But it’s true…To be hard working.  To be a friend.  To own my quirks.  To be ok in my not-so-perfect skin. It’s such an amazing feeling to be at peace with who you really are.

So, own it.  Be you.  Start today.


Be strong.  Be soft.  Binge watch TV.  Take a nap in a hammock.  Listen.  Feel unconditional love.  Eat Swenson’s.  Feel the sun.  Bake cookies.  Learn new things.  Listen to music.  Snuggle in blankets.  Hug a 4-legged furry friend. Enjoy a beverage.  Be smart.  Go shopping.  Get dirty.  Pamper yourself.  Work hard.  Help someone.  Drive fast.  Love the smallest moments. Stay away from drama.  Be a friend. Forgive. Stay the course (thanks Samantha for reminding me of this one) Own it. Own being you.


Most importantly, I follow this goal daily.

To go to bed at night knowing that I did the best I could with what I have.  I tried.  I tried really hard.  I might not be perfect.  I might make a ton of mistakes.   But somewhere in the course of the day, I did one or two things that were good.  Great even.  All in the effort to know that when my head hits that pillow, I can get my sleep knowing that tomorrow is another chance to do even better.

And just remember….You might not be everyone’s cup of tea…and that’s 100% ok.


Class tomorrow!!  MADE PREP MODE is going on!  Pics to come!

Peace out peeps!


If I had a kid… Chapter 1

So, I don’t have children.

But, I often times think to myself …what if I did have kids?  What little tidbits would I want to  impart on them?  What life habits would I want to share with them?

With all of this being said, I decided that I would start my book.

Now, this blog is designed to talk about the house and everything with it.  But I kinda feel like this is part of it.

Leading me to Chapter 1.

This past weekend I was very sick.  Let’s be honest, I’m still sick.  But I managed to get 4.5 hours worth of mowing completed before I couldn’t move on Sunday evening.



When I was a kid, whenever I would get sick, my mom would always insist that I get a shower and put on clean clothes.  I always hated her for that.  The effort.  Ugh.  I mean, you want me to bath…and change clothes….double ugh!


But as an adult, I value that life lesson more than ever.  So much so, it’s my first chapter topic.

When you feel like death warmed over, get a shower.  Put on clean clothes.  It might only help for a brief second on the whole timeline of life, but for that precious moment, you will feel better. You will feel alive again.  You will have a clear head.  Truly, there is nothing better than the feeling of being “clean”.  It’s amazing how that shower will make you feel better.

So, I will continue to add chapters to this wise book…wait in anticipation for my words of wisdom!

Peace out peeps.

Mistint Paint Rocks

Hey strangers!

Sorry for the delay in writing.  As usual, life is getting a little crazy right now.  Which I knew would happen.  The weather is actually getting nice, which translates to I’ll be spending way more time outside than working on my social media stuff.  But I will be around, because I have a sneaking feeling that lots of fun stuff is going to be happening!

So, for anyone who actually reads this rambling mess, you were aware of how much I fell in love with mistinted paint when I painted my kitchen over Winter break.   I was thoroughly impressed with how amazing the color turned out in the space.  Who knew that me…the OCD, planning, thinking through every aspect of every decision would throw caution to the wind and pick up a random gallon of paint for any room in my house.


Which leads me to the next chapter in the book of mistint/mistake paint.

This past Monday, we were flooded with a ton of rain.

I mean a ton. So, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to work outside for a few days.  I decided to get a couple of random errands done.  Including one to my favorite store…Home Depot. (**Home Depot…for the shameless plug, feel free to drop a gift certificate in the mail!  hee hee hee!!)


And what an AWESOME decision that was!  I hit the JACKPOT!!  The mistint/mistake shelf had 3 gallons of paint that were perfect!IMG_20160411_161224900

Perfect for what, I am not entirely sure, but they are mine now!!  I mean, seriously, 3 gallons of paint for $36, you can not beat that!  Plus one of them is a gallon of the Behr Marquee fancy paint…be jealous.

I ran home anxious with anticipation to see what I was going to paint and where I was going to paint.  I could not wait!

Although, I have to admit, I did not entirely think through this plan.  When I started painting the living room at 6:00….on a school night…I wasn’t really thinking through the choice.  All I could envision was my beautiful, cheap paint covering those ugly white walls!

Might not have been the best choice, in terms of planning.

But it was most definitely the right choice as the new color for the living room!


I have to say, I don’t think I’m ever going to stress about color selection for a room again. Allowing fate…the mistakes of a store…whatever you want to call it, dictate my decor choices…it’s super fun!


It is really hard to get a good picture of the room and there are still plenty of things that I want to work on.  But we all know how that goes, that list will never end, right?


I am also realizing that I am showing you pics of my house in all states of disarray!  Please don’t judge!

So, at the end of this, another room is painted.  I have two more gallons of mistake paint left for two more rooms…so, who knows where it will go!  Watch at see!

On a total side note, there are lots of things are in the works, so please check back!


Parting view of the gorgeous sunset this week.  I love my life.

Peace out peeps.



Never Enough. Ever.

I realized as I wrote that title, that it sounds terrible.  But hopefully, I’ll be able to clarify by the end of the post and it won’t seem like I am horrible, greedy person!  lol!

I am finishing up my Spring Break and as I review what my To Do list was and what I actually got done, I realized it’s never enough.  Never enough time, energy, and even creativity!  So, then it became a matter of really enjoying what I did accomplish and taking pleasure in the fact that I was able to make SOME progress.  IMG_20160331_143933744_HDR

I started work on my new craft table, which was an extra 9 foot tall door from downstairs.  I will be getting pieces of glass to cover it and I think it’s going to be a great workspace!  I am super excited about it.


Ironically, on October 15th…I moved this very door from almost the exact same spot it is in now.  When I bought the house, the doors had been stored in what is now the craft room.  Well, I wanted them hanging in their original door frames.  But once I lived in the house for a while, I realized I didn’t want all of these extra doors.  So, back upstairs it went.  I think it’s much more handy as a table!

Have I mentioned…those doors are extremely heavy!

I also got my craft closet one step closer to being done. It still needs plaster work done and painted.  But at least I have started to be able to put things away to make more space in the main room.


So, sometimes, it’s the very smallest things that you have to focus on.  But it’s very easy to feel like there is never enough time.  When that starts to happen, just remind yourself that every little bit counts and you’re only in race against yourself.  Not the world.  Not the expectations.  Not anyone else.  Just you.  So, be patient and forgiving of yourself daily.

As a friendly reminder, I woke up this morning to a fresh blanket of April snow.  There is something so refreshing and calming about snow.  I kinda needed it this morning.


Which translates to….we are hunkered down for a nice quiet morning 🙂



Enjoy the day everyone.

Peace out peeps.