To some of you…that might not sound hard….but for me…it caused a great deal of anxiety.  What if I forget how to much to put in?  Or to wipe the rims?  Or if I process too long?  Or all the jars explode because I didn’t keep them hot enough….blah blah blah.

So, I tackled making a Rhubarb-Orange Jam.  I was so excited about this, because I have an AMAZING patch of rhubarb….well at least according to everyone who has seen it.


Being a first time rhubarb owner, I have since cut the flowers off, but I was kinda curious to see what they would look like!


So, I went to cutting.  I have to admit, I am still kind of nervous about cutting too much of it.  But from what I have been told, it’s pretty forgiving.  I have dry packed some for the freezer, made this one batch of jam and a delicious crunch on Mother’s Day.  I have a couple of other recipes I think I might try…so, I would like to think that that is a good start for year 1!


One interesting conversation the Fam and I had over Mother’s Day dinner was about the leaves.  Who was the lucky duck who got to find out that they are poisonous??  Do you ever wonder things like that?

We do.

We even go so far as to having a conversation (including a potential dare) about how much you would have to ingest before it would ACTUALLY be a problem.  No worries, the parental units didn’t let the 35 ad 37 year old children make such a juvenile dare.


Cut and cleaned, ready to start.


It looked so pretty I couldn’t resist!!  The recipe itself was super easy.  But I did learn my first valuable lesson.  Pectin is important.  I mean, I made it work, but it took a LOT longer to cook down.  Second important lesson, make sure you have enough sugar in the house when you are making jam.


My mom bought me this canning set at least 2 years ago and I am ashamed to admit that I just now was cracking it open.  But the good news….it’s open!  Let the canning season commence!

All my jars popped.  Nothing broke.  No second degree burns.

To boot…the stuff is pretty tasty!

I call that a winning success!!


With the potential of how much canning I could do this planting season, I am now looking for a hutch of some sort to start storing the cans in, since my basement  is still a mess at this point.  But in the future, I hope to have storage down there for my mini grocery store!

Before I leave this post…a. HUGE thank you to my Momma for teaching me how to can and always being there to help me when I start my escapades.  She is truly a remarkable woman.


FYI…she is going to hate me for posting this.  So, while we’re at it…


Might as well make my brother mad too.

I have the best family ever.  No worries…pictures of dad will be coming too!  No one is safe from my documentation of my life!

P.S.  If you have any amazing rhubarb recipes, please share!!

Peace out peeps.

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