Well, it’s that time of year.  The twitching has begun.  I find myself glancing outside (at the rare moments I’m home when it’s still daylight out) to see if I can spot green little buds popping through the saturated earth.  I find myself day dreaming about the layout of the vegetable garden for the coming season.  I start planning out the summer projects and making lists of goals, both realistic and completely “lotto dream” based.


But in the interim, to feed my creative juices, I have started to plan out some indoor projects for my next two upcoming breaks.  I literally NEED to get messy and creative and see a room, or two, transformed!  So, until those little buds pop through the mud…oh, the mud…and until I can spend the days sweating to death on outdoor projects, I am resigned to working on inside projects.

I kinda want to do this!

Thankfully, between Pinterest and the constant flood of thoughts that roll through my head, I have so many ideas!  Does anyone else find Pinterest actually overwhelming??

First up is the office.  I plan to work on it over President’s Day weekend and hopefully will be able to rock it out.  Next up will be the steps and upstairs hallway.  I have scheduled that for my Spring Break (unless of course we are blessed with some wonderfully warm break…then I will be in trouble!).  Either way, within the next few months, I hope to make two more rooms in the house AMAZING!  Well, by my definition of amazing.  You might hate it, but that’s OK too!  Either way, they will be fresh, clean and no longer dingy white!

What colors to choose!


So, I guess this is my question….is anyone else in planning mode?  Itching to be creative?  Craving a need to work on SOMETHING….ANYTHING??  I guess it’s my way to fight the winter blues and cabin fever…make the cabin more beautiful, right?!?!?!

In the meantime, I have made some more adorable dog accessories!  More to come until those scheduled project breaks come!


Peace out peeps.