TWO MONTHS?!?!?!?!

You know, they say as you get older, times passes much faster.

No flipping joke.

I didn’t even write a post about the last Paint your Pet class.  I officially suck. Badly.

So, this is going to be a very BRIEF recap of the last two months, including some of my favorite pics from the Paint your Pet class!


Again, I can NOT thank the ladies who come out to these events more for their bravery and flair for life!  It is a blast to teach and watch each of them grow  in their skill, talent and confidence!

I ended the school year, another whirlwind in it’s own right and started back to work on projects around the house.

Although, I must confess, not with the same gusto as I have previously.  I was…and still slightly am….tired.  So, the month of June (which flew by faster than a fart in the gale force wind) was spent working in the garden and on little projects around the house.

Can’t lie, garden 2.0 is kicking my butt.  The weeds.  OH, THE WEEDS.  But I think I have  a pretty good handle on everything now (LOL, power of positive thinking, right?)!

No worries, it does NOT look like that now! I am slightly embarrassed to even share this picture.

Then there was hay.  Damn ponies need to eat, I guess.

Let’s be perfectly clear, no one is sure how I didn’t lose that load of hay and my horse acts like she is starving.

She is not.  For the record.

Then we did that whole car show thing.


Now, we do this car show every year (I have personally attended 38 years), but this year was one of the coolest!  It was a family event in all ways possible!  Plus, Dad got to take the flag car!

Then there was camping…


and hiking…


Finally, throw in there a broken Tracky….


Well, damn.  Now, that I look back on it, it has been a crazy couple of months!  It just wasn’t very crazy with house related stuff!

Good news is…July is going to be window month!  Starting Monday, I will be working on the windows (ugh, reminder to self, Monday is TOMORROW!).  So, you know…by December, I should have another update for y’all…at the rate I am going that is!

Listen, this week is the 4th of July.  Enjoy.  Remember, it’s about making moments count!

Peace out peeps!