that’s a wrap.

Ahhhh, another summer break is in the books!

After the last two weeks of being in training at school, tomorrow is the actual first day with kiddos.  Which translates to the fact that I will be exhausted for the next week or so.

Also, I should probably write some lesson plans.

Or a post. Yay, procrastination!

I have waited all summer to write an update because this summer was a little strange.  I actually didn’t have any big projects this summer.  So, instead, there were many little projects.  I didn’t want to bore y’all with a play by play, when the plays were boring as hell.  So, here is your big recap!

I apologize in advance for the length!

My first big project of the summer was the garden.  Because of the end of the school year and life in general I got a really late start on it.  Not to mention, I did not prep it fully last fall, so needless to say I really had my work cut out for me this spring.  However, as I sit here writing this post, I am thrilled with the state of the garden.  We have probably another month of good warm weather to finish it out.  The biggest issue I face is storing/canning food while back in school.

Another exciting note is that the grapes are producing again this year after the massive prune job I did last year….so concord grape jam will be made this fall!!!

Then randomly, I threw in a redecorating project.  Shortly after I moved to the house, my mom gifted me our family dining room table from my childhood (it was better suited than Grandma D’s set that I had first “borrowed”).  Momma D. is probably going to read this and say, “Who said anything about gifting it to you?? What if I want it back??”

Touche Momma D.

It’s on loan.

Regardless, so back in the day when I was  wee lass, my mom recovered the chairs.  I remember her doing it.  I remember loving the fabric.  That was probably almost 30 years ago (geez, I hate admitting that!).  So, when I inherited some beautiful fabric from Miss Margie and I got a burr up my butt to change them out.

That same damn day.


Let’s just take a moment and address that fact that Momma D has craftsmanship above all others.  All of those tacks in my hand came out of ONE chair!  I am not going to lie, when I recovered them, I used a staple gun.  I ain’t got the patience for all of that!

When I recovered them, I also amped up the cush factor…because let’s be honest, I really like cushy stuff!  I think they turned out great!  Should be good to go for another 30 years!

Then there was the random curb appeal projects.

My mail man already hates me because I am horrible at checking the mail.  But he REALLY started to get annoyed when I allowed my mailbox to literally fell apart.  So, I caved in and upgraded.  He even told me he really enjoys seeing new mailboxes!

After the mailbox was looking so nice, I felt propelled to do something about the sandstone markers at the end of the driveway.   I don’t know if they were originally in this exact location, or if they were hitching posts….or what their exact purpose was.  However, I did know that I wanted to make them look more intentional and honor them a little more.  So, after some convincing with the truck (oh yeah, couldn’t use Tracky because I blew her up this summer…she’ll be back soon though!) and my handy-dandy chain, I was able to remove the one that had sunk almost a foot!

I was able to reset them on a base and then start some wood chip mulch beds for future plantings.  There is a long term goal of getting some nice medium sized trees out there that won’t block the beauty of the house, but will help as a sound barrier for the road.

Baby steps friends.

Then I spent some time working on the patio in the back.  The primary reason was to continue to move water away from the back of the house and I can’t lie, I am thrilled on how it has turned out.  Each year that all of the flowers get bigger and fuller, I love it more and more.

Too bad I NEVER sit out there!

The above is not how the actual final version ended up, but you get the idea with the sandstone steps!  There was more gravel added and some more cool rocks for texture.

Then I added an additional retaining wall and planted the old water trough for the first time!  Which I will NEVER not plant again.  I loved it and I only had to water it once.  Like my mail, I am terrible at watering plants.

So, there ya go!  The big, fun and pretty projects!  Throw in there some other minor projects, sewing projects, getting hay, house-sitting, car shows and a camping trip and this summer was a wrap!

Speaking of which….check out the fun 360 version of the old place!


There will be plenty more projects this fall and with the weather changing, probably more posts also!

Peace out peeps!