a story of patio furniture

As I have written before, Home Depot is one of my favorite places. Although, since Covid19, I have found a new respect for Lowe’s and how their employees are handling the regulations for businesses.

However, back to the topic! Early every Spring, I start a list of things I would like to get done over the summer break. This summer, one of the “big rocks” as Stephen Covey would say, was to build some new patio furniture. After exhausting Pinterest, I settled on a pattern from the infamous Ana White (although I did end up modifying it!)

As I prepared to start, I made a stop at my local Home Depot and started to shop for the boards I would need to make a template. Now, the following story is by no means any fault of Home Depot or any of their employees.

I am minding my own business, mask on and starting to pick out some lumber. I would need a combination of 1×4’s, 2×2’s and 2×4’s. As I am sorting through the less than stellar pile of options, there is a voice behind me. The voice belonged to a gentleman who was slightly older than me (15-20 years), who shall be known as Richard.

A Story of Not Staying in Your Lane.

“Miss, what are you making?”, said Richard.

“Oh, just some outdoor furniture.”, said by Lyndsey in a polite voice.

“Out of that?!?!”, said Richard disbelievingly.

“Yep.”, said Lyndsey with a hint of a tone creeping into her voice.

“Well that’s NEVER going to last!”, said Richard.

Pause for a couple of breaths before Lyndsey responded.

“Sir, please don’t presume I am stupid.” said Lyndsey as she turned around to go back to her task.

Long pause.

“Well, I was just trying to help and let you know that it will never last.”, said Richard in a defensive tone.


“You know what, I am done. Have a great day.”, said Lyndsey as she aggressively put the 4 pieces of wood she had managed to select from horrendous options back on the pile and walked away.

The End.

Ok, so, I might not have handled it the best way I could, admittedly. However, the fact is, I did not trip and end up in the manly section of the store. I am fully aware of the fact that this gentleman probably only had the best intentions. However, he also has no idea who I am, my skill set, my budget or anything else for that matter. It was a simple case of stay in your lane Richard.

Now that you suffered through my story, onto the actual furniture! I was able to finally get my wood without being interrupted by Richard.

Once I got started, I had a hard time stopping. I managed to get 3.75 done on the first day and finished everything up on the second day.

This was the basic of what I made. Later, I cleaned up the top with the jigsaw. Here is the link to the Ana White chair that was my first find. This was the other chair that I found, and I was lucky enough to be able to combine them to make this gem!

Here is after all the pieces were made. I wanted another chaise lounge, but didn’t feel like tackling it. So, I made a foot stool, which works out even better because now I can use it for extra seating.

The next step was to stain everything. I would definitely recommend staining everything before assembling, but I get too excited to make things! Plus, there was a bit of a debate on how to handle the cushions. I picked up the solid blue ones so that there could be a little extra padding for people, they just looked so weird and I tried many variations.

This is the final decision I made for the cushions, I just don’t have an updated picture of the whole set with them placed in this manner.

In closing, this furniture might now last forever, but neither will I! I enjoyed making it, it fit my budget and it met that requirement to be heavy enough that it won’t blow away.

So, take that Richard.

Peace out peeps.