Cicada Love


So, as we are reaching the end of the Love Season for the 17-Year Cicada here in Northeastern Ohio, I have to admit two things.

One.  I think I might actually start to miss them.

Two.  I have learned a whole new appreciation for their plight in this world.


My largest interaction with them over the last few weeks was at the Parental Homestead while cleaning stalls and working with the ponies.  I’ve dealt with them in water buckets, on halters and lead ropes, getting down my shirt, in my hair and boots, the constant drone of their love call hum…it’s been interesting to say the least.



Interesting facts I have learned about them.

  1. They are active while they are underground for those 17 years.
  2. Their wings fill with fluid to expand out in order to take flight.
  3. Most dogs love to eat them.
  4. Many get crushed in the mass exodus to make it a tree while emerging from their underground abodes.

Check out more on fun sites like Cicada Mania.

Just to make it slightly more real…

But, I have also had a lot of time to ponder their existence.


Their main goal upon exiting their tunnels is to procreate the future generations.

So, it makes one wonder….at least me…because I might be the only weirdo on the planet who thinks of things like this…

  1. Do Cicadas have dating preferences?  I mean, when they exit the ground, are they all hung up on the qualifications of their future partner?
  2. Are there ones that play the game?  “Well, I’m just gonna wait and see if something better comes along?”
  3. Are there ones that take on the “hit it and quit it” philosophy?
  4. Is one cicadas song more appealing than another?
  5. Or does Mother Nature just take over and it’s a matter of functionality, not individual preference?

I mean, as humans, it gets so complicated on the journey to find a mate.  There are so many preferences and ideals to be attained, only to be squashed at any point in time.

After swimming in the deep end of the dating cesspool, trust me…I know.

How can these bugs make it look so easy?

Anyway, enough of “Deep Thoughts With Lyndsey” for the morning.  I am sure your brains are starting to bleed from the randomness of trying to follow my thoughts!

I promise the next few posts are going to be all house related!  There is SOOOOO much happening, it’s hard to know where to start.  But there will be LOTS of before and after pics coming!  Most exciting…work on the storm cellar starts next week!  That should provide lots of entertaining stories!

First painting class this  Thursday!  Can’t wait to share the results!  It’s going to be great!

Peace out peeps.