Foggy morning thoughts….

We live in a day and age where there are words and phrases being thrown about in the news, on social media and just in conversations around the water cooler… Or Keurig 🙂

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed this morning and came across a photo from a local elementary school featuring the class leaders. First of all, kudos to any child who is rocking out their responsibility in their classroom and showing that they have it together. Also, a huge congrats to the parents and families who have helped raise those amazing children. 


What really makes a leader? There are so many aspects. Frankly, in my opinion, so many that very overlooked. Being kind. Being thoughtful. Being inspirational. Being more.  Now, that person might not always have their ducks in a row. They might have a few bad days. They might show their leadership in different ways.

As I age… No comments please… I realize that I respect that person who is kind, understanding and giving far more than someone who has met all of the expectations our society has placed on us. There are so many opportunities that we miss daily to either be kind or to experience kindness.  Once you look for it, it can change your life. 


So, on this dismal, quiet Ohio morning… I hope you have a moment to be kind.  You can never have enough friends or kindness in your life.  Be a KIND leader….